Research Summary

The Network sciEnce, Wireless, and Security laboratory at Virginia Tech (NEWS@VT) is a research group focused on developing fundamental mathematical tools and principles to design, develop, and build smart, secure, and self-organizing systems, with applications to networks, wireless systems, Internet of things (IoT) systems, smart power grids, and cyber-physical systems. Our research is largely interdisciplinary and draws upon tools from optimization, game theory, machine learning, statistics, control and economics to design and build networks and cyber-physical systems.

We are currently focused on several research thrusts:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for wireless networks.

  • Distributed and federated machine learning.

  • Quantum machine learning and quantum communication networks.

  • Semantic communications and networking.

  • Wireless cellular and 6G networks.

  • Metaverse.

  • Extended reality over wireless networks.

  • Large intelligent surfaces and smart environments.

  • Wireless communications and networking using unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.

  • Connected autonomy (control, communications, sensing).

  • The Internet of Things.

  • Age of information.

  • Behavioral game theory.

  • Smart cities and critical infrastructure.

  • Cyber-physical systems.

  • Cybersecurity.